Romanian Journals


With the month of March comes the celebration of Mărțișor (which litterally means “little march”).

For that occasion a small taslisman which is called itself a Mărțișor is given to friend and family members (usually women) as a sign of either love, friendship, admiration and/or respect.

Usually made of a red and white string, it can also, less commonly, be black and white or blue and white. On that string frequently hangs a coin or other type of decoration.

Depending on its format, it is usually worn pinned to the clothes or worn around the wrist and is worn for the whole month and is believed to bring good luck, happiness and health for the whole year.

It is believed that this celebration could be as old as 8000 years and could have either Roman or Dacian origins and could also be related to the Bulgarian Baba marta and its Martenitsa which is celebrated in a very similar way and during the same period of the year.

This coming march, you can order one for you loved ones (especially if they are Romanian) on eBay.